¿Qué es el Speed?

Publicado: 4 de mayo de 2012 en Uncategorized

“Speedriding” or “Speedflying” (see wiki.de) is a mixture of flying and skiing: Small gliders with a low
glide-ratio are used to descent the slopes doing shorter and longer hops and flights.This sport is not really
new:  Skydivers have been ground-launching their wings for many years -> See History. Since then
there were always some people using small free-fall canopies to make long jumps while descending the
slopes with skis.
But in the winter of 2005/06, this idea has gained a lot of momentum, triggered by some cool videos,
especially the “Ataka!” Video. By the end of the winter, two specifically designed Speedriding wings were
commercially available (Gin Nano, J/N Hellracer) and more photos and videos came up. Over the summer,
more manufacturers have developed special wings: Now there is a large range of wings available and the
style of flying that they are designed for differs a lot.

The terms “Speedriding” and “Speedflying” are often used interchangeably, but it makes much sense to distinguish the style within the range of small wings: Some are thought strictly for skiing (riding) use and they
are specifically designed for a low glide-ratio (controlled by trimmers), so the skis stay close to the ground.
Other wings have a better glide-ratio and can be foot-launched even in nil-wind conditions, but the pilot is
rather ‘flying over’ than ‘riding on’ the ground. These wings are also very interesting for mountaineers as they
are very light (some less than 2.5kg) and allow descends even in stronger winds, and they can be flown without a reserve, saving even more weight.  If you’re unsure whether this is a sport for you, you can read this very good post in the PG-Forum by Paul. I think it gives a lot of truths about the risks involved and the mindset you should have.  This webpage gives an overview of the speedy wings on the market as of January ’07. If you have news / corrections to my page: Please send me a mail!


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