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Directory listing for Speed Gliders

“Ultra” Speed Gliders:


Daedalus canopies GLX

Daedalus Canopies – GLX

The Daedalus GLX is made specifically for ground launching & speed flying. This is a wing has tri-cell construction with cross bracing in all cells. The cross bracing makes the wing more rigid and more responsive with added performance. The GLX is the ultimate speed flying glider and a proven competition champion. This wing is not for the novice pilot. This wing is not for the novice pilot.



Aeros - Ballistic

Aeros – Ballistic

The Ballistic is similar design to the Daedalus GLX and designed more for Ground Launching. This is a wing has tri-cell construction with cross bracing in all cells. The cross bracing makes the wing more rigid and more responsive with added performance. This wing is not for the novice pilot.

This wing is not for the novice pilot.



Performance Designs - Spire

Performance Designs – Spire

A very high performance wing designed especially for experts in ground launching or speedriding. This is a wing has tri-cell construction with cross bracing in all cells. The cross bracing makes the wing more rigid and more responsive with added performance.

This wing is not for the novice pilot.



Icarus Canopies - EXTreme FX & VX

Icarus Canopies – EXTreme FX & VX

It is primarily a Swooping competition wing designed to swoop massive distances and fly at ballistic speeds. This is a wing has tri-cell construction with cross bracing in all cells. The cross bracing makes the wing more rigid and more responsive with added performance.

This wing is not for the novice pilot.



Speed Gliders:

Gin - Nano 06

Gin – Nano 06

Gin Gliders decided early on to be the first to create a wing specially designed for Speed-Flying…




Gin - Nano 07/08

Gin – Nano 07/08

The 07 version has diagonal ribs and many 2nd generation improvements, the NANO is more compact, even easier, and offers perfect handling.




Gin - Nano 09

Gin – Nano 09

Third generation Nano 2009 impresses with its brilliant handling and its optimized materials: simple, efficient, safe and pure fun!




Gin - Nano 10

Gin – Nano 10

Fourth generation Nano, and still the speedriding wing by which all others are compared.




Gin - Fluid

Gin – Fluid

New wing from Gin for 2009 – the FLUID is the glider for very experienced and expert riders.




Gin - Fluid 2010

Gin – Fluid 2010

The expert wing, the Fluid 2010 is the glider for experienced and expert riders.




JN - Hellracer 06

JN – Hellracer 06

The HELLRACER is a canopy produced especially for speedriding. It was especially developed for very high speeds and maximum stability.




JN - Hellracer 07

JN – Hellracer 07

2nd Generation Hellracer, improved, fine tuned and available in more colours.




JN - Hellracer II 08

JN – Hellracer II 08

The Hellracer has been revised for 2008 with new innovotive zipper technology – 2 wings in 1 – aka Hellracer “2 in 1”




JN - Hellracer II 09

JN – Hellracer II 09

The Hellracer has been upgraded and tweaked for 2009 – 2 wings in 1 – aka Hellracer “2 in 1”




Nervures - Swoop

Nervures – Swoop

The Swoop is very solid in turbulence, it is perfectly fitted for the practice of Speed Flying and to give you the freedom of limitless radical maneuvers.




Niviuk Gliders - Nooky

Niviuk Gliders – Nooky

Niviuk’s answer to speed riding. It is a multi purpose glider, ideal for teaching and perfect for those who look for strong gliding sensations and speed.




Niviuk Gliders - Skate

Niviuk Gliders – Skate

The Skate is even more suited to the demands of the speed-gliding pilots, the improvements will make a new reference in the discipline of speed riding.




Niviuk Gliders - Roller

Niviuk Gliders – Roller

The Roller is designed for slalom competition flights and Professional speed rider only.




Bio-Air-Technologies - Ski'M

Bio-Air-Technologies – Ski’M

A multi functional wing that will please all who fly it… Suitable for Speed-Flying, Ground launching, ACRO etc.




Bio-Air-Technologies - Rocket [2007]

Bio-Air-Technologies – Rocket [2007]

The Rocket is the perfect wing as an introduction to the sport of Speed-Flying.




Bio-Air-Technologies - BoozZ [2007]

Bio-Air-Technologies – BoozZ [2007]

BoozZ is a high performance wing, and suited for experienced/advanced speed-flyers.




Wings-of-Change - SpeedyGonzales [2006]

Wings-of-Change – SpeedyGonzales [2006]

also see JN Hellracer details…




Wings-of-Change - SpeedyGonzales [2007]

Wings-of-Change – SpeedyGonzales [2007]

also see JNHellracer details…




Airwave - Skima

Airwave – Skima

A very user friendly wing that is perfect whether you’re just learning the sport or someone looking to take the sport on to the next level.




Airwave - Carve

Airwave – Carve

The Carve is a true speedriding glider, designed to keep the rider carving the slope with their skis, pulling them clear only when they really need it.




Ozone - Bullet 2007

Ozone – Bullet 2007

The Bullet is the ideal choice for discovering the sport of Speed Flying, or taking the sport to the next level.




Ozone - Bullet 008

Ozone – Bullet 008

The Bullet 008 is the Next Generation of Ozone Speed, an entirely new wing for the 2008 season.




Ozone - LaBombe

Ozone – LaBombe

This wing is for pilots who have been flying old-school parachutes and want something similar with  poor glide & high sink rate characteristics.




Ozone - Bullet 009

Ozone – Bullet 009

The Bullet 009 is is the same versatile wing as the Bullet 008, with a few upgrades and a new 16m size.




Ozone - Bullet GT

Ozone – Bullet GT

The Bullet GT is a totally new design. A carefully planned hybrid between skydiving parachute and the existing Bullet 009.




Dudek - ZakoSPEED

Dudek – ZakoSPEED

A multi purpose glider which can be used for Sopeed-Riding, high wind paraglider and Ground Handling practice.




ITV - Pil-Pit

ITV – Pil-Pit





ITV - Pil-Pit 2

ITV – Pil-Pit 2

An improved Pil-Pit with more speed and maneuverability.




JoJo - Rusher

JoJo – Rusher





Swing Paragliders - Savage

Swing Paragliders – Savage

The Savage is suitable for beginners, as well as for progressing upto and beyond expert level.




Swing Paragliders - Spitfire

Swing Paragliders – Spitfire

The perfect glider for anyone enthusiastic about this exhilarating new sport.




Paratech - P180 Speedrider

Paratech – P180 Speedrider

P180 is designed for Speedriding – ideal equally for newcomer, advanced as well as for professional speedriders




Mac Para - Whistler

Mac Para – Whistler

A glider specifically designed for Speed-Flying with skis.




Mac Para - Whistler 2

Mac Para – Whistler 2

The Whistler2 – still based on the original but redesigned with improved stability.




R'Speed Concept - 2008

R’Speed Concept – 2008

Spreedriding leaders…




Airway - VX

Airway – VX





Aeros - Berkut

Aeros – Berkut

Suitable for pilots with some experience in paragliding or skydiving and for speedriding / speedflying schools…




Aeros - AiRider

Aeros – AiRider

Advanced wing suitable for intermediate skydiving and paragliding pilots




4Speed - Pocket Monster 08

4Speed – Pocket Monster 08

Specially designed and developed for the practice of speedriding.




FlyingPlanet - Skee

FlyingPlanet – Skee

This wing is designed for competition Speedriding slalom.




U-Turn - Speedmaster 2009

U-Turn – Speedmaster 2009

This wing is designed for Speedriding equipped with a unique innovation: The Variable Brake Geometry (VBG)




Sunglider - David 2010

Sunglider – David 2010

A glider which is uncomplicated and easy to handle.




Gin - Bobcat

Gin – Bobcat

Designed for Ground Launching and only suitable for expert pilots.




Gin - Yak

Gin – Yak

The Yak is the ultimate toy for mountains lovers at just over 2 Kg it is a lightweight version of the Bobcat.




Aerodyne - Feex

Aerodyne – Feex

The Feex is a wing for speedflying: diving, deep, fast, manoeuvrable and precise. But once trimed, it flies like a real paraglider.




Ozone - XT16

Ozone – XT16

The Ultimate Cross Terrain Speed Flying wing. The XT 16 is soarable when normal paragliders can’t even be brought out of the bag.




RRacro - Matrix

RRacro – Matrix

Designed for Ground Launching, Hike and Fly and ACRO for expert pilots.




FlyingPlanet - Shooka

FlyingPlanet – Shooka





Little Cloud - Spirulina

Little Cloud – Spirulina

mini-voile designed for high wind soaring…





Pro-Design - Lamna

Pro-Design – Lamna






Airwave - Rodeo

Airwave – Rodeo

The Rodeo is designed for pilots who soar windy ridges and dunes as well as in alpine regions





Independence Gliders - Draco

Independence Gliders – Draco






Firebird - Trainer

Firebird – Trainer

This wing is not a Speed-Flying wing it is certified exclusively for the teaching/training of paraglider groundhandling.




Dudek - Marlin

Dudek – Marlin

Marlin is a small training wing dedicated exclusively for ground handling exercises. You can’t fly this wing.




Flysurfer - Taco

Flysurfer – Taco

This wing is not a Speed-Flying wing, it is designed for the training of paraglider groundhandling and can be flown as a power kite.




ITV - Papoose

ITV – Papoose

This wing is not a Speed-Flying wing, it is designed for the training of paraglider groundhandling and not certified for flight.



Los diferentes tipos de velas

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What is an Ultra Glider?

An “Ultra” Speed Glider is a wing with more performance (speed) than your average Speed Flying wing. Most Speed Gliders are designed by paragliding companies and are descendants of Paragliders. These gliders have more camber with a thicker airfoil and create more parasite drag.In contrast, Ultra gliders are descendants of the high performance “swooping” parachute used for canopy piloting. These wings have thinner airfoils and less camber. The wing of an Ultra glider is relatively flat, thin and sleek compared to your typical speed glider.

Ultra gliders have cascaded lines that are attached to four risers, two front risers and two rear risers. The front riser are joined to the A & B lines and the rear risers are joined to the C & D lines. These gliders have very aggressive trims and are designed to be flown efficiently on rear risers. In fact, most Ultra gliders are launched and flown with no toggle input at all. The toggles (brake lines) are typically used only at the very end of a landing or in certain flying conditions.

Ultra Gliders are made with a tri-cell construction which divides each cell of the canopy into three chambers. This “cross bracing” gives the canopy more rigidity and thus more performance. The air ramming into the cells of the glider “locks” the cross bracing in position which creates the added rigidity. Cross bracing is not as effective on larger paragliders or parachutes because these wings do not generate enough airspeed to lock the bracing in position throughout each cell. At slower airspeeds the cross bracing goes “limp” which creates additional drag on the system.

Ultra Gliders are typically 60-135sqft (5-12m) but the smallest Ultra glider ever flown and landed was the JVX 37sqft (3.4m)!

El origen de este deporte

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Speed Flying is a descendant of parachute swooping, also known as “Canopy Piloting“.  In 1996 “Bladerunning” competitions began and parachutists started ski and foot launching their small high performance parachutes from mountains in Montana, USA. A group of pioneers from this era formed a parachute exhibition/expedition team called “Team Extreme“.

Eager to show the world this new form of high speed flying the team organized a expedition toSwitzerland in 2001 to speed fly “swoop” down the Eiger mountain. The following year the team led an expedition to summit of Mont Blanc in the Chamonix valley of France in 2002.

During the France expedition the team ground launched their small parachutes (5-6m) from locations all around the Chamonix valley. The team also jumped from a helicopter and landed their small parachutes on the summit of Mont Blanc itself. The team produced a DVD of their adventures called “Out of the Blue“.

In 2004 Team Extreme member Jim Slaton, the 1st US National Champion of Canopy Piloting, opened a ground launching school in California called the “Ground Launch Center“. Jim started teaching people how to fly small and fast parachutes down mountains with Ultra (fast) Gliders like the “GLX“. Jim and his instructors used a short flight paragliding harness called the “Radical” which was made in France.

In 2005 Jim produced several videos of them mountain swooping “Speed Flying”. Before long everyone in the paragliding community was talking about the crazy parachutists that were “Speed Flying” with the paragliding harnesses. Videos like “the Radical” and “Gravity Pilots quickly spread throughout the paragliding community. The videos inspired a whole new style of flying that paragliders eventually coined “Speed Flying”.

The new sport of Speed Flying caught on fast in Europe, France first. The french were the first to see the videos of the American’s swooping down mountains (aka speed flying) and France was the place where Team Extreme did their famous “mountain swooping” expedition in 2002.

By 2005 Speed Flying spread across Europe from France and around the world. Almost every major paragliding manufacture in the world now makes some form of a Speed glider. The Speed Flying community has continued to grown holding its own speed flying competitions around the world including the “Speed Flying Pro” in France and the “Speed Fly league” in Switzerland.

¿Qué es el Speed?

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“Speedriding” or “Speedflying” (see is a mixture of flying and skiing: Small gliders with a low
glide-ratio are used to descent the slopes doing shorter and longer hops and flights.This sport is not really
new:  Skydivers have been ground-launching their wings for many years -> See History. Since then
there were always some people using small free-fall canopies to make long jumps while descending the
slopes with skis.
But in the winter of 2005/06, this idea has gained a lot of momentum, triggered by some cool videos,
especially the “Ataka!” Video. By the end of the winter, two specifically designed Speedriding wings were
commercially available (Gin Nano, J/N Hellracer) and more photos and videos came up. Over the summer,
more manufacturers have developed special wings: Now there is a large range of wings available and the
style of flying that they are designed for differs a lot.

The terms “Speedriding” and “Speedflying” are often used interchangeably, but it makes much sense to distinguish the style within the range of small wings: Some are thought strictly for skiing (riding) use and they
are specifically designed for a low glide-ratio (controlled by trimmers), so the skis stay close to the ground.
Other wings have a better glide-ratio and can be foot-launched even in nil-wind conditions, but the pilot is
rather ‘flying over’ than ‘riding on’ the ground. These wings are also very interesting for mountaineers as they
are very light (some less than 2.5kg) and allow descends even in stronger winds, and they can be flown without a reserve, saving even more weight.  If you’re unsure whether this is a sport for you, you can read this very good post in the PG-Forum by Paul. I think it gives a lot of truths about the risks involved and the mindset you should have.  This webpage gives an overview of the speedy wings on the market as of January ’07. If you have news / corrections to my page: Please send me a mail!

Escuela de Speedflying y Speedriding

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